Bed and Breakfast Marrum is located within short driving distance of several major cities. But of course there is much more to do in Frieland!


Wander through the cozy streets of the city that tell you the most beautiful stories about its historical past. Wander along romantic canals, taking you past hidden gems. Wandering through Leeuwarden is wonderfully beautiful.

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The northernmost city in the Netherlands has a rich history, but has two feet in the clay. A down-to-earth but hip town, where you can enjoy shopping and lounging after a short walk. With the Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer area as its nature-rich backyard, a week is soon too short to make all the trips that this High North has to offer from Dokkum. It’s not at the end of the world, but you can see it from there.

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The inspired past of the city of Franeker is reflected in the center, with its grand monuments and small historical gems. The Franeker church has its own garden, with a fountain depicting the birthplace of comets, and in the house of a simple cloud comb, you’ll find the oldest working planetarium in the world.

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Harlingen is the only seaport city in Friesland where wind and water are the law. Lovers of a glorious, nautical past will discover here the beautiful warehouses, great facades and special inner harbors and atmospheric streets.

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Drachten and its surroundings offer everything you need for a vacation or a day out. In and around the center is a varied range of stores, you’ll find the nicest terraces and beautiful routes along historic buildings. Also for entertainment such as theater, movies and events, you are in the right place in Drachten. In the vicinity you will find National Park De Alde Feanen and the Drents-Friese Wold with forest, heath and shifting sands and of course the Frisian lakes.

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For a brief moment in the fifteenth century, Sneek was allowed to be the capital of Friesland. Logical, if you are the Central Station for all Frisian water traffic. That centerpiece is still Sneek, and the annual Sneekweek reminds us plenty of that. Around the Waterpoort the biggest pool party of Friesland will take place. Thanks to the stores, terraces and parks of historic Sneek, it is also a great place to be during the rest of the year. Discover for yourself how much fun Snits is.

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