Environmental Certifications

Green Key

Water Conservation

  • Water consumption monitored by an independent organization
  • Water-saving faucets, toilets and showers

Towel and linen reuse program

Sustainable supply chain

Responsible purchasing policy
Organic food and drink
Responsibly sourced fish and seafood
Organic eggs
Vegetarian and vegan meals

Eco-friendly toiletries

Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation Program
Energy consumption verified by an independent organization
Energy from CO2-free sources
Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
Energy efficient lighting
Energy-saving thermostats

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Waste Reduction

Recycle Program
Food waste reduction program
Ensures responsible handling of electronics, batteries and bulbs
Refillable packaging for toiletries
Water taps
Compostable food containers and cutlery
No food packaging with polystyrene
No single-use plastic water bottles or straws